Training Seminar on “Seeking New Mechanism Addressing an Upsurge of Nonperforming Loans in post-Covid 19 Era”



The 7th International Public AMCs Forum (IPAF) Asian Development Bank (ADB) and KAMCO, June 20~23, 2022 [Virtual Seminar; local time in Seoul]


On June 23, 2022 our CTO Burkhard Heppe will be giving an invited guest presentation at The 7th International Public AMCs Forum (IPAF) organised by the Asian Development Bank and KAMCO, Korea’s leading asset management company (AMC). The four day training webinar will be “Seeking new mechanisms addressing an upsurge of non-performing loans in post-Covid-19 era.”

The training program will cover financial sector challenges in the context of COVID-19, incentivising NPL investment and facilitation resolution, development of national NPL resolution strategies, considerations for the development of online NPL transaction platform, and the role that FinTechs can play to help resolve NPLs.

Our CTO will be presenting on the topic of “Preparing for the Next Wave of NPLs: Digital Technology Applicable to Address NPLs” touching on transaction platform technology, standard data templates and data collection efforts (so called Data Hubs), NPL securitisation technology and general technical advances regarding data preparation, due diligence, valuation and reporting. The presentation is expected to be published as part of the meeting notes and we will share it on our website after the event.