Our mission

Our mission is to enable smart decision-making through innovative trading technology, advanced data analytics and a new comprehensive trading ecosystem.

Meet our core team

Our team is made up of data scientists, traders, quantitative analysts and bankers who are combining their deep industry knowledge to build a next-generation trading ecosystem for illiquid portfolios.

Fulvio Pelargonio

Head of Business Development

Frank Nosek

CFO – Head of Transactions & Valuation

Dylan White

Data and Transaction Analyst

Hugh Jones


Theodore Gavriilidis

Data Scientist and Developer

Juan Sarmiento

Junior Data Scientist and Developer

International advisors

We are supported by a highly experienced international advisory board and senior advisors.

Advisory board

Tim Skeet

Chairman of Advisory Board

Richie Prager

Member of Advisory Board

Paolo Sironi

Member of Advisory Board

Marc Tempelman

Member of Advisory Board

Senior advisors

Andrew Sergio Gazitua

Senior Advisor

Amir Hoveyda

Senior Advisor

Nedelcho Nedelchev

Senior Advisor

Alexandre Paixao

Senior Advisor Brazil

Joaquín Pani

Senior Advisor Mexico

Andrew Readinger

Senior Advisor

Joachim Sonne

Senior Advisor

Ian Tyler

Senior Advisor

Paul Wilden

Senior Advisor


We are proudly building a community to foster best practice, share experience and further develop leading-edge technology to facilitate trading processes. If you would like to join our community, please get in touch.


We are proud to be and remain independent.


We are shaped by our customers and we value their feedback.


Our marketplace is built on trust and integrity, without compromise.