The new European platform for trading illiquid portfolios is now live



The illiquid asset market is inefficient:

For both banks and investors, the illiquid asset markets have long remained an opaque and complex process that has seen little disruption from new technologies. Indeed, the issues facing the non-performing loan market are well documented by the European Commission and the European Banking Authority (EBA). From considerable data complexity (and inconsistency) and information asymmetry to high transaction costs, broker fees and regulatory capital charges and an overall lack of awareness of opportunities, the primary and secondary market for illiquid or distressed loans has been notoriously inefficient.

An independent marketplace solution: Capital markets experts Waleed El-Amir, Gianluca Savelli, Burkhard Heppe and Fulvio Pelargonio teamed up in 2018 with a group of credit data scientists and software developers to address the critical issues facing the market.

The outcome was the development of NPL Markets: a next-generation, independent marketplace that enables buyers and sellers to share unique investment opportunities with the illiquid asset community, or complete bilateral trades through alternative execution strategies.

Improving business opportunities for buyers & sellers in Europe:

The purpose of NPL Markets is to improve business prospects for both buyers and sellers by unlocking new opportunities. The marketplace enables faster and smoother transactions with an innovative suite of deal management and valuation tools, supporting data preparation and remediation to help sellers to standardise portfolio data in-line with the EBA NPL templates.

As states CEO Gianluca Savelli, previous Managing Director of EMEA Capital Markets at Merrill Lynch: *“We believe that by helping European sellers enhance their portfolios’ quality with a higher standard of data in a sophisticated technology suite, we can facilitate both sides of the deal and increase business opportunities”*.

More than a marketplace:

Facilitating a faster trade process is not all that NPL Markets offers. True to their disruptive ambition, the team is dedicated to connecting the whole ecosystem of buyers, sellers, advisors, lawyers and servicers within a single, centralised location, in order to help the market function more effectively as a whole – unlocking the value of powerful analytics, high-quality data and the power of a truly connected community.

Get in touch:

NPL Markets has received encouraging feedback from users and the platform now has several deals in the pipeline.

If you would like to join NPL Markets and transform your deal management experience, please register for a free trial of the platform on our website, or get in touch for a demonstration.