Webinar from Global Credit Data



How can the large loan loss database from Global Credit Data be used for valuing loans in pandemic times? Valuing non-performing loans means projecting the ultimate recovery for unresolved defaults: How can this been done in times of uncertainty? How have regulators reacted with regards to the treatment of NPL? How will this impact the NPL market?

Richard Crecel from Global Credit Data and Burkhard Heppe from NPL Markets will discuss the current situation for NPL buyers and sellers, the need for «bad banks» and how valuation platforms and structured loan loss data collection can help in the current Covid-19 crisis.

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The topics:

  1. Introduction to NPL Markets and the market for NPLs
  2. Impact of current crisis on bank loan defaults and recoveries
  3. Different valuation types of NPL: hold or sell
  4. Using GCD data for NPL valuations
  5. Determine a break-even price for selling NPL
  6. «Bad banks» – needed to overcome the crisis?

Speaker: Richard Crecel (GCD) / Burkhard Heppe (NPL Markets)

Category: Webinar