Optimise your portfolio trading processes with a suite of secure automated tools and services.
Sellers can quickly and confidently reach the most active investor base. Private auction and bilateral transactions are supported. Access over 400 investors active across markets and assets classes. Search investors by investment criteria.
Sell portfolios & single positions across all asset classes
Create investment opportunities across asset classes from all the main European jurisdictions. Investors receive a clean premarketing teaser to confirm deal interest.
Access to large primary and secondary deal flow
Access over 400 Tier 1 and Tier 2 investors active across markets and assets classes. Search investors by investment criteria.
Allows for bilateral or auction sale process
Create a customised sale process consisting of sealed bids or real-time auctions.
Full access to 22 jurisdictions across Europe
Excellent support for jurisdictions across Europe. Get in touch with investors across Europe and use bespoke analytics assumptions to evaluate your data.
Smooth timeline and transaction management
Clear visibility of the transaction timeline so you can always be on top of the deal execution.
Save costs via incorporated VDR
Easy VDR access with excellent due diligence features.
Personalised investor and seller deal management dashboard
Centralised dashboard to smoothly run multiple portfolio sales. Direct transaction access and deadline monitoring.
Manage third parties via platform deal management tool
Manage third party access to your transactional data with an easy overview.
Manage multiple sales through a single platform
Easy separation of transactions through intuitive dashboard and sales process design. Manage multiple sales with different groups of investors simultaneously with little effort.
Other products
The comprehensive suite of products for non-performing loan and illiquid assets.
Data Preparation
Standardise, validate and complete your data tape for transactions and reporting.
Valuation and Analytics
Comprehensive analytics for portfolio valuation and bank balance-sheet analysis.
Access an international trading ecosystem to accelerate transactions.
Interactive report generation for benchmarking and dynamic performance reviews.