NPL Markets outlook for UK NPLs likely to peak around 2 percent



Great to see NPL Markets‘ insight on the outlook for UK non performing loans being shared in a Daily Telegraph comment, „Get Ready for the weirdest recession in history“ by Jeremy Warner published last week.


Burkhard Heppe’s latest views on the UK non performing loan market are included in the article alongside comments from Charlie Niunn, CEO of Lloyds and the Bank of England. Burkhard anticipates UK NPLs are likely to peak at little more than 2pc of the total UK credit market. However, he suggests there are perfectly plausible scenarios, where you could expect much higher levels of default, rising to perhaps as much as the 4pc seen during the financial crisis. In such a scenario, inflation would stay high for longer than currently anticipated, unemployment would rise sharply, and the concerns of those predicting an outright UK house price crash would be proved correct.

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