Get ready with NPL Markets for your portfolio data preparation



The financial industry benefits from good data. However, gathering or producing good data has not always been easy, especially after the introduction of more comprehensive data requirements.

As a marketplace that relies heavily on portfolio data, NPL Markets puts great effort on data quality and understands the struggle, therefore we are delighted to announce that our new Data Mapping Tool, designed to help with preparing and transforming portfolio data, is now live.

Ready for the template

The NPL Markets Data Mapping Tool makes the process of preparing non-standardised data files against a defined data template straightforward. It provides simple and user-friendly interfaces for creating correspondences between the source data file and the template such that the exported output data file is template compliant. This makes the data preparation easier not only for portfolios to be uploaded to the NPL Markets platform but also for portfolios that are required to follow certain data standards like the Guidelines on NPL exposures published by the European Banking Authority (EBA) and the Securitisation Regulations from the European Securities and Markets Authorities (ESMA). A normal session of this data transformation can easily take days if not longer; with the Data Mapping Tool, it is a matter of hours. Moreover, the Tool’s saving function allows re-applying transformations that were previously done, which means that data files that come from the same source can be transformed to the same template with the click of a button. This is particularly useful for portfolio data from the same underlying portfolio reported at different points of time.


Ready for your teammates

The NPL Markets Data Mapping Tool facilitates team preparation of data. Teammates can cooperate on different phases of data preparation. For example, data engineers can gather the portfolio from the internal database and upload it to the Data Mapping Tool for the analysts, who can continue with transforming the source format data towards the desired data template, and pass the output file to a portfolio manager who will use the standardised data to execute a transaction.


Ready for the Data Mapping Tool

If you are interested to learn more about the NPL Markets Data Mapping Tool or would like a demonstration, please contact us by filling in the form at the bottom of the page.